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Portland, OR, USA
Main Line: 503.490.1020
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The majority of atum's clients are large cap, followed by mid cap with a handful of small cap companies. The firm serves public and private clients alike....



atum does business with large, medium and small cap companies across the Western seaboard of the United States.  Since inception in 2011 the firm has done business with over seventy companies across the Western US.





Sampling of Experience by Industry:

Utilities:  All utility companies in Portland, Oregon and a couple in Washington

Healthcare:  All healthcare companies in Portland, Oregon and a few in Washington and California

Financial Institutions:  Three national banks and a national financial services company

Manufacturing:  Two large international manufacturing companies and a few mid cap companies

Hi-Tech:  One large hi-tech company and several mid-cap and early stage companies

Trucking, Transportation and Logistics:  Two large national companies and a mid cap company

Consumer Products and Retail:  Three very large international companies in Oregon and California and several mid and small cap national companies

Not for Profits:  Two national “Not for Profits” and a couple of mid sized organizations

Government: Two large organizations

Quasi Government: Three large organizations

Aerospace and Defense: One client

Misc. Industries: This is comprised of a subset of larger industry groupings. For example – Fabless Semi-Conductor