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Interim Management

Interim Management

tal•ent [tal-uh nt] "a special natural ability or aptitude: a capacity for achievement or success; ability" – end game equals discovery of talent for holistic long term fit.

atum Interim Management solutions leverages its extensive network of exceptional talent, locally, regionally, and globally. This network has been developed over decades and is constantly refreshed….

A database is only as good as the people who understand the use of it.  The atum team has the strength of relationships behind candidates it puts forward for interim roles.  The uniqueness of this offering is our insight into personality, culture, values and technical prowess of candidates.  Interim Management solutions is the staffing aspect of our business, though it ranges in level from first line management all the way to the C suite.

All professionals put forward to clients via the Interim Management solutions business unit are employees of atum. The firm does not utilize sub contractors.

In order to ensure success, the atum client service team would need to scope your requirements extensively….